Kaspersky is an essential need of the present generation as it provides safety from internet threats including the virus, malware, adware, spam, phishing and so on. People are suggested to have the antivirus software installed on their devices to prevent any mishap but there are some versions of windows that face complications connecting with the Kaspersky products. Windows Vista is one of them, users register complaints that their system has stopped responding after installing the cyber security software. They face difficulties during Start and execution of any activity. Kaspersky Technical Support advice you too execute a complete memory dump in order to solve this conflict.

Follow this to allow a memory dump

  1. Press the combination of Right Ctrl + Scroll Lock + Scroll Lock keys and enable the option of creating memory dump.
  2. Download the either the “Manual_Dump_ps2.zip” or “Manual_Dump_usb.zip” depending on your keyboard. 
  3. Unlock and Run this file
  4. Click on the prompt OK in the dialog box.
  5. Restart the computer and connect again with the keyboard
  6. Display the problem one more time
  7. When the problem reappears, press the right Ctrl key followed by a double press on the Scroll button from the keyboard.
  8. It will create the dump file and start the system in the standard manner.
  9. Confirm that a dump file is created
  10. Again press the combination of Right Ctrl + Scroll Lock + Scroll Lock to disable the option of creating a dump file.
  11. Run the “ManualDump_OFF.reg” file again.
  12. Click OK visible on the dialog window and restart the computer.

You do not need to uninstall the product just because it is not compatible with windows vista rather you should follow these steps to solve the complication. You should try getting a memory dump but in the event that you cannot get it with the above-mentioned process and need more solution, then you should dial Kaspersky technical support number. You will be able to talk to the technical experts who are experienced and solve all such issues in few seconds.

You can go through this article if you are Kaspersky (Antivirus, Internet Security or Total Security) user. Kaspersky Antivirus allows you to switch to different Lab application using a simple and quick process. Kaspersky Support would like to inform that you just have to buy the activation code for the product you want to switch to and then enter it into your current application.

Steps to buy activation code for a different product at a discount:

  • In the lower-right corner of the app, click License.
  • Click Renew License in the New Activation code block in the Licensing window.
  • The Renewal & Upgrade Center page will appear.
  • For renewing the product license, buy an activation key.

Steps to Switch to another app if you have a new activation code:

  • Ensure that the PC is connected to the Internet.
  • Ensure that the system date set correctly and if required, set it correctly.
  • Click License in the main application window.
  • Click Enter a verification code in the Licensing window.
  • Enter the activation code, in the Activation window. Code must contain numbers and Latin letters only.
  • Hit the Activate button.
  • Click Continue in the Activation window.
  • By clicking Continue confirm the switch to a different application.
  • Wait for the new application to install and then hit the Finish button.
  • Review the newly updated features of the application.
  • Save the code in a secure place: Connect the app to My Kaspersky. Once it is done, information about the app license will be shown in the Licenses section.

For any further details or queries regarding this blog or the Lab products, you can connect with our service providers. Just make a call to our customer care number and connect with experts. Kaspersky Technical Support ensures to provide you the best and satisfactory resolutions to all your problems regarding our products. You will be assisted with all the relevant information to avoid any problem in future. So connect with us for instant help.

Source: https://kasperskyantivirussupportaustralia.site123.me/blog/what-are-the-steps-to-switch-to-a-different-kaspersky-lab-product

Ok, you bought ten new computers for your office and now need an antivirus solution to install in the systems, but there are so many out there, how will you decide which one to choose?

Follow three easy approaches to find the best one:

Get some user opinions before buying any antivirus product

The most important is expert reviews on the social media or views on the discussion forums

Lastly, make your independent testing with free trial service to assess the features of antivirus

Kaspersky Antivirus is Your Option

This is one side, now as you move ahead; you often get pre-installed security software in your computer. Before you buy the security programs, try out for Kaspersky Antivirus Software. You might be surprised with its new cybersecurity features. Want to know, how? Due to its high quality & performance, these two are major reasons why people choose to use this program.

Kaspersky Antivirus faced some controversies related to security breach that promoted a possible decline to purchase.

Despite these negative issues, Kaspersky Antivirus is still in the list of top-notch antivirus software because of its ability to offer higher protection than other antivirus programs. No doubt, it’s a good choice for high-risk users.

Kaspersky Antivirus software has improved malware prevention programs that offer effective capabilities in protecting your web data, e-mails, and much more. The latest version even offers more tools for malware protection that you wish to use.

Still confused, here I am suggesting a few tips to help you find the best antivirus software.

Try First, Decide Later on

Using the free trial period on any software product is important because this may give you exact idea of the Security Features of Kaspersky and how it will protect your system very well. Also, you should try for more than one security software to assess their quality & performance. There is no problem in it if you choose the one product or many. You need to be careful while making comparison between these products.

In the End

Simply remember to keep these points in account before you persuade to buy antivirus software package for your computer systems. It is advised to not to have more than one security product on the system this could create conflicts and can even result in system crashes, as all the software applications use the same system resources. This is why you’ve to decide on the best one only after going through reviews and pros & cons of each brand.

For Kaspersky support services, you can dial on the Kaspersky Technical Support Number +61-283173539 that connects you to the experts for Kaspersky Support Australia that will offer 24x7 help on different issues of antivirus.


The Kaspersky Internet Security application helps you to protect your computer from suspicious malware, viruses and many other harmful sites that you can receive from email and the Internet as well. The application has pop-up notifications that will usually appear when the program suspects a potential threat or if you need to upgrade the software. Although, the Kaspersky pop-up notifications are important, because it warns about the threat but still if you want to stop them from appearing by turning on the Personal Firewall feature within the Kaspersky application.

At Kaspersky technical support Australia, we have provided you some steps to follow that enable you to Stop Kaspersky Pop-Ups from your computer in an effective manner. These steps are carefully arranged by our highly talented team of the technician, who is very dedicated to providing technical assistant to the Kaspersky user. Moreover, we are highly renowned for our quality service.

Step 1. Click the “Start” button from your desktop and click the “All Programs” option

Step 2. Double-click the “Kaspersky Internet Security” option to launch the program

Step 3. Click on the “Personal Firewall Controls” option from the left-hand navigation panel

Step 4. Click the “Settings” option below the “Personal Firewall” heading

Step 5. Click the box next to the “Activate the Personal Firewall” field to select it. Click the “OK” button

Step 6. Close out of the Kaspersky Internet Security application and the pop-ups from the application will stop

If in case you would not be able to stop Kaspersky Pop-Ups even by following these steps then you can even Contact Kaspersky technical support Australia for any type of assistant. Indeed, our technical experts’ beliefs in providing goal oriented resolution to our customers. Moreover, they don’t provide any false instruction to our esteemed customers.

Source: https://kasperskyantivirussupportaustralia.wordpress.com/2016/11/14/how-to-stop-kaspersky-pop-ups-in-kaspersky-antivirus